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47577770_Subscription_XXL (17)ThirdVine is a Las Vegas based team of marketing specialists with a combined 30+ years of experience in medical marketing, management and operations. In 2011, we recognized the growing importance of digital marketing and its unique ability to inform, engage and support physicians and their valued patients. We made the commitment to offer a more integrated, global, multichannel marketing solution to efficiently personalize, strengthen and support all medical marketing channels more effectively.


Our marketing portfolio of health industry services are comprised of several innovative medical based solutions which include Digital Marketing, Pharmacogenetic Testing and Telemedicine services. We provide leading technology and marketing expertise to empower companies with highly targeted and measurable mobile marketing programs that get results. Our team works hard to understand our client’s unique business challenges, needs and expectations in order to develop the best digital marketing plan to achieve set goals. The ability to conceptualize, develop and deliver highly effective mobile marketing solutions that address business challenges is our purpose. We create agile, customized digital programs that work to amplify, support and bridge offline and online marketing channels.


Through our state-of-the-art, Pharmacogenetic Testing program, we are helping to deliver on the promise of personalized medicine by working to eliminate the outdated trial and error process of how physicians prescribed medication. We are dedicated to working with physicians, medical groups and healthcare facilities to achieve safer and more effective therapeutic outcomes for patients in need. We accomplish these goals through Pharmacogenetic testing, which analyzes an individual’s genes to determine how well a person can process specific drugs. Physicians utilize the test results to help guide their treatment decisions and to ensure patients are taking the correct medication and proper dosage for optimal results. Pharmacogenetic testing is helping to reduce drug toxicities and adverse drug reactions in patients, improve drug efficacy and overall treatment results.


Telemedicine is another exciting, cutting-edge technology we offer to the medical community. Our telemedicine services provide patients with immediate, 24/7 access to certified physicians who provide medical evaluations and diagnosis via desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones with internet and video capabilities. We provide physicians, medical groups and hospitals with the power to instantly deliver more efficient, convenient and effective medical care to patients regardless of time or location. From integrated marketing solutions to technologically advanced communication and testing services, you can depend on ThirdVine to deliver the best in next generation technology and services in order to relentlessly push the boundaries of possible.


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